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Excerpt | 4 mins |  2012
Pink Lime travelled to St. Judes' orphanage in Gulu North Uganda to volunteer with the children and film a documentary about their life. This 20 min film portrays the orphanage's strong will to survive despite living in war ravaged country from the hands of the infamous Joseph Kony.

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Excerpt from "Seeing the Hidden" 5 mins | 2010
This short film features Dermot Healy reciting an extract from his poem “The Valley of Jealousy” and pondering the 'weight' of Gleniff Horseshoe, and local man Jimmy Clancy offers some history and further insight of the shoe. Commissioned by Sligo Arts Office, Sligo County Council.

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Excerpt from "Seeing the Hidden" 5 mins | 2010
Taking a trip down Sligo harbours busy port, Harbour master Redmond Gillen outlines on how the port served in the past and explains its chores today, whilst Brian Scanlon offers historical tales and Tim Newell hails in the ship to the dock. Commissioned by Sligo Arts Office, Sligo County Council.

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Excerpt from "Seeing the Hidden" 6 mins | 2010
South Sligo's rich musical history is showcased in this film. Peter Horan RIP speaks his mind on musical truths and plays a lilt for our ears. Local man PJ Duffy also offers his thoughts on the fairy forts of the area. Commissioned by Sligo Arts Office, Sligo County Council.

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1 min trailer | 2010
This 22 min film documents a collaboration project between acting groups Touch the Sky (Sligo) & Lime Pie (Belfast) where they explored themes based on the North South divide and the still-present sense of separation. Commissioned by The Model, Sligo, REHABcare, PEACE III & Lime Pie Belfast

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The Yeatsian Legacy

Documentation video | Excerpt 2 mins | 2012
Pink Lime documented the Yeatsian Crossborder Project in 2010 which explored the Yeats brothers' legacy and its impact on the identity of the region. This is Sligo Youth Theatre in a drama workshop at the Model.  Commissioned by Sligo Arts Service, Omagh District Council, IT Sligo & PEACE III

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Short film | 2 mins | 2007
This short visual piece is a gentle representation from a trip to India in 2006,a country so rich in colour, culture, sounds, smells and strong feelings. This film is to be continued with a longer version soon... :-)


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